The Line up of Pyrosin

  • 1. General Heat Resistance
  • This paint is used or the general plant of which machinery is installed n outside or inside of the building under usual circumstance and continuously operates. It can be used under some acid and alkaline circumstance.
  • 2. Thermal Shock Resistance
  • This paint is designed to endure thermal shock and can withstand under big temperature change during operation and frequent stoppage of machine happens.
  • 3. Heat Resistance & Chemical Resistance
  • This paint is designed to have chemical resistant performance in addition to heat resistance and can protect the painted steel from corrosion due to acid and or alkaline gas in high temperature.
  • 4. Heat Resistance, Waterproof & Chemical Resistance
  • The paint is designed to have heat resistant, water proof and chemical resistant performances and can significantly improve its anti-corrosion performance under existence of condensed water and vapor.
  • 5.Boil Water Resistance
  • The paint is applicable to inside of hot water and steam tank used for boiled water also can protect the iron surface from very sever conditions of high temperature / high humidity and acid circumstance.

The Type of Pyrosin

1) Versatile paints
Top Coat Paint:There are two types of top coat paints, silver coating and color coating Primer Paint:
A) Short term exposure type:
This paint is designed to use when the machinery and equipment is heated up or operated immediately after painting.
B) Long term exposure type:
This paint is designed to use when the machinery and equipment is placed for a long period at ambient temperature after painting. This is good paint for plant export.
C) Middle term exposure type:
This paint is designed to use when corrosion resistance is necessary for 1~3 months, between above short and long period, at normal temperature.
Special Type
1. T Type:
This type of coating is highly suitable for machinery and equipment which is heat creative component or agency,
2. HB Type:
This is high-build type paint, such as B#900 Silver HB B#1000 Silver HB, and IN-HB.
3. By Material:
There are several types of paints used for steel, stainless steel, Zinc gilding steel and Aluminum. By Usage Paints for stress corrosion cracking in the hot blast stove, coal power station (Hydrogen fluoride resistance), stress corrosion cracking at stainless steel.
  • ○ For motor vehicle (CX type) Mufflers for motorcycles and automobiles, Exhaust pipe, Brake disk.
  • ○ For stove(SX Type) Stove, Fan heater louver, outside of combustion cylinder
  • ○ For kitchenware(KX type) Hot plate, rice cooker, Table stove, frying pan, oven, ironware(mold)
  • ○ For gas fitting Gas table, Burner cap, Gridiron, Tripod, Fish roaster, and so on.

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